Over the years our coaches and our crews have gained many awards.  Click through here to have a quick peek!


We are opening a new performance group which will include a mix of dance styles. Audition dates to follow ...

**Please note all our performance crews operate on a monthly membership / monthly subscription basis only and require a high level of commitment.


We are often covered in the media both for achievement and just taking part.  Click through here to have a quick peek!


Where we began ....

Dragonfly Dance began in 2006, but it wasn't until much later that we put together a performance group.  That group was known as the Dragonflies and entered their first carnival at Selsey in West Sussex, coming 2nd overall. From then on in there was no looking back ...

Dragonfly Dance


There are several naughty characters which pop up now and again - can you name them?

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The Dragonflies have been performing in Carnivals, Festivals and Theatres since 2009.  They have won many awards and are proud to be a fully inclusive performance crew, incorporating children from 5 to 16 with a variety of additional needs.

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Dragonflies are extremely well known for energetic and inspiring performances.  Go on through to their page where we have captured some images to highlight their talents.


Then we expanded ....

In 2013 there was such a demand for our services that we expanded the classes we offered and the services we could supply.  With this came the new name ...

Discover Dragonfly

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Dynamix were put together in 2013.  Their performances are not to be missed with costume changes and stunts to amaze.  Again this crew is fully inclusive and are proud to include various disabilities.

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Dynamix have a history of amazing performances.  Go on through to their page where we have captured some images from most performances.


Then we expanded ....

In 2015 we added even more services and expanded yet again.  Whilst we are still working on bringing this all together and signing leases and contracts, now we bring you ... Ltd